Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Most Expensive Ball of Yarn!"

Every month the HHCC invites the public to join our members for "Coffee, Crochet, and Chat" held at the Borders bookstore located in Brookfield, Connecticut.

Members who attend always have a good time catching up with each other, and having a little "show & tell" of projects they are currently working on, or have recently completed.

Today was all about the yarn. A single ball of yarn!

Grace decided to bring in yarn she was winding into a ball, only it was a huge tangled mess! Several hands, including Margaret's and Dee's, jumped into action helping Grace reclaim -- or rather, retame --her yarn. There were several giggles, and great conversation about designing for crochet, finding great crochet books, and gee, is that ball of yarn still tangled?!

In the end, Grace eventually got her yarn wound into a ball, stating:
"Taking onto consideration the original cost of the yarn, all the time it took to untangle, (people too) and ball up, this has to be the most expensive hunk of yarn I have ever bought!"
Tangle & all, everyone had a good time!

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Margaret's Hooks and Needles said...

Dee, didn't I ask you not to take my pic from my "bad side" side?
Fun day, I'm still would up because of more good news when I got home.