Sunday, August 30, 2009

Caron Connections Highlights HHCC'er

In the latest edition of Caron Connection enews, HHCC'er and budding designer Nancy Smith is highlighted for her newest crochet design, "Aqua Blue," featuring crocheted cables on a dazzling scarf.

You can read Caron's newsletter here, or watch the fashion show of the Aqua Blue Scarf crocheted with Naturally Caron's Spa yarn, here. Want to give the pattern a try? It's Free, and can be obtained here.

Want to learn more about Nancy's yarn world? Visit her blog at

Congratulations Nancy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mother-Daughter Duo Sweep Blue

Casey Stanziano, one of two children who enjoys being a member of the HHCC, recently won 3 Blue Ribbons in the Junior Division at the Bridgewater Fair. She entered a gold hat made of Jelly Yarn, and a purple backpack; both designed for her American Girl Doll, Nikki. She also entered a glittery black tie she designed for her Dad to wear at the recent CGOA ChainLink Conference that was held in Buffalo, NY. Casey is 12 and wrote about the fair in her blog here.

Casey's Mom, and an HHCC Founder, Dee Stanziano, recently won 5 Blue Ribbons and 2 Trophies for her crochet at the same fair. She entered a red cotton hat with bundles of bullion stitches for the trim; a sequined bag crocheted out of pink thread; and a pink beaded necklace. She won the Trophies for her grey and black sweater, and for her aqua wrap.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank You Grafton Fibers!

Today, at the montly meeting, members of the HHCC enjoyed Guests Linda and Tom Diak of

Linda handed out supplies of foam blocks, felting needles, beautiful roving, and steel crochet hooks, then instructed HHCC members how to make her famous felted handles for steel crochet hooks. Meanwhile Tom was busy fielding questions and selling their beautiful hand-turned crochet hooks, knitting needles and roving. The HHCC was very delighted to have Linda and Tom visit with us -- and for our new "toys."

The HHCC would like to sincerely thank Linda and Tom for hiking down to Danbury from Vermont to spend the day with us!

Edited to add: For more pictures & information about this meeting, please see HHCC member, Margaret Hubert's blog at:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

HHCC'ers Return from ChainLink

Many HHCC'ers ventured north to Buffalo, New York, last week to attend the Crochet Guild of America's National Conference. The CGOA was founded in 1994 and this year marked it's 15 Anniversary!

HHCC members who attended: Casey, Dee, Diane, Doris, Elaine, Grace, Irene, Jen, Kathy, Margaret, Nancy, Priscilla and Rosalie. Thus far, please visit Casey's, Dee's, Doris', Margaret's, and Nancy's blogs for details and photos of the event.