Monday, December 12, 2011

Custom Crochet Hooks for HHCC Members

HHCC Mascot, "Happy"
At the December 7th "Coffee, Crochet & Chat" morning session, held at Panera Bread on Federal Road in Brookfield, HHCC members Dee, Grace, Ruth and Marilyn were discussing various crochet hooks.  Dee showed them her new customized giraffe crochet hook she had requested and the discussion naturally went to "What if a crochet hook could be created for HHCC members based upon a photograph of the group's mascot?"

"Happy, the Crochet Hook,"
by LemonadeShop
Dee asked the hook creator if she was up for the challenge, designing a hook based upon a photograph -- and she was! (Pictured on right: The photograph, taken by Jeremy Pollack back in 2010: the mascot was hand crocheted by HHCC member, Chava.  Pictured on left is "Happy, the Crochet Hook")
HHCC members can order their own "Happy the Turtle" crochet hooks directly, in sizes F-J, in either a Susan Bates or Boye style hook.  Cost is $20 (includes $5 S&H):  The Lemonade Shop

Please note the HHCC is not affiliated, nor receives any funds from this.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 HHCC Donations

There is no doubt that members of the HHCC have big hearts.  Throughout the year, members hand crocheted and knitted a variety of goodies to be donated locally.  Then the items were sorted & labeled to make the distribution process easier. 

On December 5th, HHCC President Grace, elf-helper KC, and HHCC Founder Dee, hauled the goodies to the local Salvation Army of Danbury, and the Elizabeth House of Danbury:

This SUV was stuffed with crocheted goodies created by HHCC members!

A Big Thank You to our members for their Generosity!!
Salvation Army:
1 blue bag = 35 sets hats, gloves, scarves
1 blue bag = 25 sets hats, gloves, scarves
1 white bag = 9 sets hats, gloves, scarves, 6 baby hats
1 white bag = 5 baby blankets, 3 toddler sets, 2 baby hats
1 white bag = 19 sets, hats, gloves, scarves
2 bags of various toys

Elizabeth House:
2 large boxes of various kitchenware goods
1 white bag = 20 sets hats, gloves, scarves
1 white bag = 5 shawls, 12 placemats, 1 oven mitt, 1 scrubbie
1 white bag = 4 baby blankets, 3 toddler sets
1 white bag = 12 sets of hats, gloves, scarves; 4 sets of potholders; 3 baby sets

Other: Dorothy Day House (via St. Edward's church):
assortment of hotel shampoos & soaps were also collected and were turned in for the Dorothy Day homeless shelter.

Not Pictured/Pending Donation:
variety of pet blankets in memory of Jean Leinhauser

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HHCC Unveils New Club Logo

It was a lot of work, and well worth the wait: The HHCC's CafePress Shop has been updated with the Club's brand new logo!
HHCC Tote available at
There are lots of goodies - from coffee mugs to charms to T-shirts and totes; essentially all the goodies for wearing and using at various meetings and events! 
 How to order: visit ((**Bookmark it!**))
Click on the goodies you want & then process your order. In about a week or two your goodies will arrive at the mailing address you give CafePress. If you do not order items from the Internet, please see either Grace or Dee to place an order for you; items will be shipped to either Grace or Dee and then delivered at the next meeting. Payment in full is expected prior to having the order placed for you.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

EVENT: April 30, 2011 CT Sheep & Wool Festival

The HHCC will be returning to participate in the 102nd Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival, held in Tolland, CT, offering free beginner crochet lessons, and various demonstrations.  This event is being held on Saturday, April 30, 2011.

For more information about the Festival, visit:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HHCC'er Margaret Hubert to discuss FreeForm Crochet

HHCC'er Margaret Hubert to discuss FreeForm Crochet at the New Fairfield Free Public Library on April 13, 2011.  For more information, please contact the New Fairfield Library at 203-312-5679

Visit Margaret's blog at:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Location Change: "Coffee, Crochet & Chat"

On February 17th, Borders announced they will be closing 200 of their 642 stores, effective immediately, as part of their bankruptcy/reorganization plans.  The Borders store located on Federal Road is one of the 200 stores that is now in the process of being closed.

HHCC President Grace stopped by Borders earlier this week to discover the space reserved for patrons to gather has been closed off.  A call for suggestions went out to the HHCC membership, and to the ConnecticutCrochet yahoo group.  Three locations suggested look like they might be a good location to move to:
  • Panera Bread
  • The Danbury Fair Mall (seating area outside of JCPenney)
  • Molten Java (located in Bethel)
The HHCC members have been gathering at Borders for "Coffee, Crochet & Chat" sessions since 2003; since members are used to going to this end of town, Panara Bread seemed like a logical choice to investigate first. 

Grace visited Panera Bread yesterday and spoke with their management.  Grace is happy to report that Panera Bread is welcoming the HHCC's "Coffee, Crochet & Chat" sessions with open arms "... and the lighting is good, and so is their food!"

For the month of March, the HHCC will be trying out Panera Bread as serious contender for the new social-gathering location, open to non-members.  Panera Bread is located on Federal Road (1/10th of a mile up the road from where Borders is/was located), in the ShopRite Plaza, near the new location of Joann's craft store.  The meeting dates & times will remain the same:

March 2nd -   10 AM - Noon
                      6 PM - 8 PM

March 16th - 10 AM - Noon
March 30th - 10 AM - Noon

Panera Bread's address: 149 Federal Rd, #9, Brookfield, CT
Panera's Phone #: 203-740-0834

Saturday, January 29, 2011

CGOA Chapter News

The HHCC is just one of the many growing Chapters of the CGOA.  To read a summary of what the HHCC accomplished in 2009, and of happenings with other Chapters, such as The Hooked on Dutchess Chapter, and The Creative Crochet Guild of Long Island, check out the latest CGOA Chapter Newsletter.  You will need an adobe reader to view it.

If you'd like to know if there is a CGOA Chapter near you, check out this page from the CGOA's website.

Or if you're interested in starting your own CGOA Chapter, click here for some great ideas.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

DyakCraft is Coming to Town!

The Northeast, which includes Connecticut, has had seven major snow storms since late December, resulting in record-breaking snowfall.  The HHCC is in high hopes Mother Nature will decide to take a vacation the weekend of February 12th & 13th to ensure the roads and highways are for safe travel as The HHCC has invited Tom & Linda Dyak of to be our Special Guests!
Tom & Linda hand-craft beautiful crochet hooks, knitting needles & spindles.  At the HHCC's Febrary 13th March 13th   meeting they will be showing our members the newest addition to their line:  Interchangeable Crochet Hooks!

In addition, HHCC members will be offered a basic Tunisian crochet lesson by its members.  Members wanting to participate in this lesson should bring yarn & a Tunisian crochet hook with them (or buy some from Tom & Linda at the meeting!)

But what if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad, then this program will be rolled over to March 13th.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chance to WIN a HHCC & CGOA Membership!

The December 2010 meeting was canceled due to weather. This means the HHCC will kicking off the 2011 Crocheting Season with a Celebration at our January meeting!  Members and guests are invited to bring pot-luck food items, and a wrapped gift (value $10) to exchange with someone else in attendance.

In addition to the Celebration, 2011 Membership Applications will be accepted.  Those who turn in their HHCC membership applications by the end of the March 2011 meeting will be entered into The Ruth Arbitelle Memorial Membership Drawing.  The winner of this annual drawing receives reimbursement for this year's HHCC dues.  Winner to be announced at the April meeting.

Recipients of the Ruth Arbitelle Memorial Membership:

2009 : Linda Maroney
2010 : Diane Gilbert
2011: It Could Be You!

Reminder: If you are a member of the Crochet Guild of America, show your CGOA Membership card and get 50% off  your HHCC dues!!

In addition, our member Dee Stanziano, is having a drawing for a  ONE-YEAR CGOA Membership! Her drawing is open only until January 14th, so hurry on over to her blog for the details on how to enter!

Looks like 2011, Year of the Rabbit, is hopping off to a great start!