Monday, November 15, 2010

HHCC'ers "Feel Good" at November 'Block Party'

At the November monthly meeting yesterday, HHCC'ers gathered, armed with crochet hooks & knitting needles and generous hearts, to create squares for the Lands End "Feel Good"/ Warm Up America campaign.

The yarn, with characteristics similar to Lion Brands' Microspun yarn, was donated by Lands End; the HHCC received three cones which were wound into "cakes" and placed on each table.

Some members, like Nancy, had requested an individual cone; she worked up this pretty pumpkin-colored lapghan (pictured on right) at home, leaving the ends to be woven in at the meeting.  It turned out so pretty that members requested she write up the pattern!
(Nancy will let us know if she does.)

 Within a short amount of time there were enough squares to start the assembly of a lapghan.  Dee was in charge of the assembly and decided the best approach was to use the "single crochet, chain one, single crochet, chain one" approach.  "This joining technique is not only fast," she said, "but also allows for some breathing room when squares are not exactly the same size."  Ruth replied, "Oh, I just love this joining technique for the same reasons Dee does, plus it looks so pretty!"

How to crochet squares together:
Step 1: Lay out your squares the way you want them to appear.
Step 2: Take a square from Row 1, and a square from Row 2, and place back to back, right sides facing out.
Step 3: Join yarn to first square, create a single crochet, chain one, single crochet into the second square, chain one.
Step 4: Repeat the process, alternating from square to square across to the corner, ending with a chain one.
Step 5: Grab two more squares and continue stitching until all squares for Row 1 and Row 2 are connected together.  End of.
Step 6: Follow instructions from Step 2 - Step 5 until all rows are connected.
Step 7: Turn the afghan, and begin connecting rows in other direction in the same fashion.

For Show & Tell, Margaret brought in a variety of children sweaters & scarves she created from her crochet and knit swatches.  "See, good can come from swatching!" chuckled Margaret.  Everyone Ohh'd and Ahh'd over her creative stitch work.
HHCC member Elaine took advantage of getting some computer help from our "resident expert," Dee Jr.  Elaine is new to working with computers; she learned how to create documents, save them, and email them.  "I love computers," said Dee Jr, "and it was fun to help Elaine."  Elaine stated about her lessons, "He's really good! He knows his computers!  Now I can type up my patterns, save them, and email them off!"

Members also turned in their crocheted and knitted goodies that will be donated next month.  Their generosity overflowed to a luggage cart!  There is no doubt that at this monthly meeting HHCC's "Feel Good" about helping our local community!  :)
These items will be donated the first week of December -- watch for our blog post with the details!