Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The FeelGood program/ HHCC Block Party

Lands’ End has teamed up with Warm Up America!, and with Crochet Today editor Brett Bara as their spokesperson, on an exciting project to help warm up families in need this winter. The Crochet Guild of America's member guilds have been invited to join in the fun. Lands’ End is donating 5000 pounds of their soft FeelGood yarn so that 64,000 blanket squares by a combination of groups can be knitted and crocheted. The goal is 2000 blankets by mid-December!!


The HHCC will be having a "Block Party" at our November 14th meeting. We will need volunteers to crochet or knit 6" x 9" (or 9" x 6") squares with the 153 pounds of yarn from Lands End, as well as volunteers to assemble them into afghans!
The afghans will be donated to the Elizabeth House of Danbury, a shelter for battered women & their children.

The HHCC will also be helping Brett kick off this event by joining her at the CBS Early Show on Wednesday, September 29th. Watch for HHCC members in the crowd as Brett interviews with the show's host about the FeelGood program.

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