Sunday, March 28, 2010

HHCC'ers Out & About in Ridgefield

Author & Designer Mary Beth Temple was in Connecticut yesterday, teaching a crocheted shawl class at Nancy O's yarn shop located in Ridgefield.

HHCC'ers Kathy, Fluffy & Irene enjoyed Mary Beth's class (and loved that Nancy O had the latest Interweave Crochet magazine in stock featuring a new afghan pattern by Mary Beth, and new patterns by HHCC'ers Margaret Hubert and Doris Chan!) and will be sharing details with the HHCC'ers at the April monthly meeting -- they would love to have Mary Beth come and teach a workshop for the HHCC!

We look forward to seeing the shawls Kathy, Fluffy and Irene crochet!

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 2010 Meeting

The HHCC's March meeting was, shawl we say, full of shawl talk! Many members participating in the CAL turned in their shawls, much to the delight of Dee. In a matter of two weeks, the group has nearly completed the 30 shawls needed for the school drama club!

It was fun to see all the different shawls ... one shawl crocheted by Jennifer caught the eye of many members. She took a few moments to explain how her shawl was based on the granny square, a well known motif in the crochet world!

As part of the meeting's program, the shawls were used to demonstrate what a difference blocking can make to crocheted projects. Using Nancy's blocking board, Dee's blocking wires from and a household iron, many members, like Fluffy, exclaimed, "I never knew blocking my crochet work would make such a huge difference!!"

Why using blocking wires? Dee says they make her "... life, or rather, blocking, simplier and quicker!" And it was! She quickly inserted the wires along the edges of the shawls, pinned the wires in place on the blocking board, and then steamed the shawls with the iron. Within minutes the shawls went from looking homemade to hand-made! What a big difference!

As part of the demonstration, YarnBazaar offered HHCC members an exclusive discount (good until the end of the month) so they can enjoy the ease of using blocking wires too! Not a member of the HHCC? Go here to join!

NOTE: This meeting was also the LAST HHCC meeting that will be held at the Danbury Hospital. The group has grown so much it is time for us to move to a new location! While we await the announcement of where the new home of the HHCC will be, the April meeting is being hosted at Margaret's house. If interested in attending the April meeting, please contact us for more information. The HHCC would like to thank the Danbury Hospital for all the years they let us meet there! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happily Hooked at the Bethel Library

Yesterday, during one of the heaviest rain storms of the season, HHCC members, Dee, Grace, Kathy, Priscilla, and Ruth offered FREE beginner crochet lessons to those daring to venture out to the Bethel Library.

There were many smiles, giggles, and crochet stitches taking place. ConnecticutCrochet yahoo group member, Linda, also joined in offering crochet lessons to participants. Everyone had a great time! :)

The HHCC would like to thank the Bethel Library for hosting this annual event.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

HHCC'ers Nominated for CLF Flamies Awards

The HHCC is proud to announce the following HHCC members, representing 6 of the 23 categories, for their nominations in the 2nd Annual CLF Flamies Awards!

Best Crochet Blog & Best Crochet Designs for Adults: Doris Chan

Best New Designer: Karen Drouin

Best Free Form Designer: Margaret Hubert

Best Crochet Instructor & Best Crochet Designer for Children: Dee Stanziano

The CLF is the "Crochet Liberation Front" group hosted on This is the 2nd Annual Awards, known as "The Flamies!"

To cast your vote, please go here. Voting takes place until March 22, 2010. On April 19th the winners will be announced on the Getting Loopy Show.

Congratulations HHCC'ers!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

HHCC Celebrates NatCroMo

The HHCC is Celebrating National Crochet Month (known as NaCroMo) with a crochet doily exhibit at the Bethel Library. The display features doilies made by members of the Club and shows a small sampling of what doilies can look like -- and be! The display will be up for the month of March.

Members of the HHCC will return to the Bethel Library on Saturday, March 13th to offer Free beginner crochet lessons. The Library happily reports that the seats are filling quickly! If you want to take advantage of this free lesson, please contact the library to reserve your spot!

Several HHCC members jumped at the opportunity to assist member Dee Stanziano with a pressing challenge: to crochet 30 shawls for her daughter's school drama club by the end of the month! Knowing she would need assistance, she turned to her Chapter members! Now, with so many Chapter members offering their time, and yarn, for the cause this challenge has turned into a CAL: Crochet Along and will count towards the CGOA's NatCroMo CAL. The HHCC participants are currently discussing local donation possibilities for the shawls once the school is done with them.

What are you doing for NatCroMo? Consider joining the Crochet Guild of America, and/or The HHCC. (If you're already a member, you can always give a membership to the crocheters in your life!)