Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CGOA MEMBERS VOTE: 2012 Crochet Hall of Fame!!

It was discovered at the HHCC monthly meeting this past Sunday that many members have not received / or just received their Spring 2012 issue of Crochet!  Inside contains the CGOA Newsletter, ChainLink, Volume 21, Number 1.

On page 8 of the CGOA ChainLink newsletter is the call for CGOA Members to cast their ballots for "The Jean Leinhauser CGOA Crochet Hall of Fame."  It states ballots must be received by April 1, 2012.  This has been confirmed by a CGOA Board member that the date is incorrect.  The ballots need to be received by April 15th.

If you have not received your latest issue of Crochet! and need a ballot, please print out the ballot below, fill in, and then mail into the address at the bottom of the ballot.

As a side note, the HHCC is proud to have member Margaret Hubert listed as one of the 2012 Hall of Fame Nominees.  :)

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