Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 HHCC Donations

There is no doubt that members of the HHCC have big hearts.  Throughout the year, members hand crocheted and knitted a variety of goodies to be donated locally.  Then the items were sorted & labeled to make the distribution process easier. 

On December 5th, HHCC President Grace, elf-helper KC, and HHCC Founder Dee, hauled the goodies to the local Salvation Army of Danbury, and the Elizabeth House of Danbury:

This SUV was stuffed with crocheted goodies created by HHCC members!

A Big Thank You to our members for their Generosity!!
Salvation Army:
1 blue bag = 35 sets hats, gloves, scarves
1 blue bag = 25 sets hats, gloves, scarves
1 white bag = 9 sets hats, gloves, scarves, 6 baby hats
1 white bag = 5 baby blankets, 3 toddler sets, 2 baby hats
1 white bag = 19 sets, hats, gloves, scarves
2 bags of various toys

Elizabeth House:
2 large boxes of various kitchenware goods
1 white bag = 20 sets hats, gloves, scarves
1 white bag = 5 shawls, 12 placemats, 1 oven mitt, 1 scrubbie
1 white bag = 4 baby blankets, 3 toddler sets
1 white bag = 12 sets of hats, gloves, scarves; 4 sets of potholders; 3 baby sets

Other: Dorothy Day House (via St. Edward's church):
assortment of hotel shampoos & soaps were also collected and were turned in for the Dorothy Day homeless shelter.

Not Pictured/Pending Donation:
variety of pet blankets in memory of Jean Leinhauser

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