Sunday, June 6, 2010

HHCC'ers help set the Guinness World Record!

The HHCC is proud to have had members both volunteer and participate in the Guinness World Record attempt yesterday for Most People Crocheting at the Same time. HHCC members Jennifer and Dee (along with her family) were volunteers: responsible for handing out crochet hooks, yarn, and special Mets Stitch'nPitch totes to those who registered to take place in the event, and later serving as Witnesses towards the final count.

HHCC members Irene (and her husband), Judy (along with her family), and Dee's daughter all crocheted, with 419 other people, helping to set the record!!

Watch the WEEKEND INSIDE EDITION tonight, or read about this Record Setting Event here.

The event was held at Citi Field yesterday. Some of the Celebrity Sightings included: Debrah Norville (a crocheter!), Lily Chin, Mary Beth Temple, and Stacy Charles.

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