Thursday, March 4, 2010

HHCC Celebrates NatCroMo

The HHCC is Celebrating National Crochet Month (known as NaCroMo) with a crochet doily exhibit at the Bethel Library. The display features doilies made by members of the Club and shows a small sampling of what doilies can look like -- and be! The display will be up for the month of March.

Members of the HHCC will return to the Bethel Library on Saturday, March 13th to offer Free beginner crochet lessons. The Library happily reports that the seats are filling quickly! If you want to take advantage of this free lesson, please contact the library to reserve your spot!

Several HHCC members jumped at the opportunity to assist member Dee Stanziano with a pressing challenge: to crochet 30 shawls for her daughter's school drama club by the end of the month! Knowing she would need assistance, she turned to her Chapter members! Now, with so many Chapter members offering their time, and yarn, for the cause this challenge has turned into a CAL: Crochet Along and will count towards the CGOA's NatCroMo CAL. The HHCC participants are currently discussing local donation possibilities for the shawls once the school is done with them.

What are you doing for NatCroMo? Consider joining the Crochet Guild of America, and/or The HHCC. (If you're already a member, you can always give a membership to the crocheters in your life!)

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