Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Perks of Being an HHCC/CGOA Member

The Craft & Yarn Box located in Pawling, NY offers HHCC'ers a 15% discount!There are many reasons why being a HHCC/CGOA member are wonderful! To name a few:
  • you get to attend workshops for free or at a reduced rate
  • assist local charities in need as a group
  • make new friends
  • increase crochet skills & knowledge
  • go on field trips and/or do demonstrations
  • borrow from the lending library
  • HHCC'ers get access to the exclusive HHCC yahoo group
  • and local yarn store discounts too!

The CGOA has a fantastic library that will (reportedly) reopen soon to it's members, complete with books, magazines, leaflets, patterns and videos in the collection. It is known as the Linda Sauter Library, and is currently being cataloged by the Cajun Crocheters CGOA Chapter.The Bayberry Knitting shop located in Plainsville, CT, offers CGOA members a 10% discount when membership card is show.  Pictured is HHCC'er Karen, and Bayberry owner, Betty.

The HHCC also has it's own lending library, and is in the process of reopening. Nancy has taken over the position of HHCC Librarian. If you are an HHCC member and looking for a particular pattern, talk to Nancy at the next monthly meeting!


  1. If you are a member of the CGOA, your HHCC yearly dues are cut in half!
  2. Show your CGOA Membership card at the Bayberry Knitting yarn store located in Plainsville and get a 10% discount.
  3. Show your HHCC Membership card (coming soon!) to the Yarn & Craft Box located in Pawling, NY and get a 15% discount. (The HHCC Membership card is coming in January 2010; for now, just let Marie know you are an HHCC member)

It's easy to join!
To join the CGOA, go to ...

To join the HHCC, complete the form on this page and bring it with you to a meeting!

Join us and become Happily Hooked!

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