Sunday, August 30, 2009

Caron Connections Highlights HHCC'er

In the latest edition of Caron Connection enews, HHCC'er and budding designer Nancy Smith is highlighted for her newest crochet design, "Aqua Blue," featuring crocheted cables on a dazzling scarf.

You can read Caron's newsletter here, or watch the fashion show of the Aqua Blue Scarf crocheted with Naturally Caron's Spa yarn, here. Want to give the pattern a try? It's Free, and can be obtained here.

Want to learn more about Nancy's yarn world? Visit her blog at

Congratulations Nancy!

1 comment:

Susan said...


I really enjoy your enjoy your blog... But I have one comment about Caron Spa Yarn. It's too tiny for me. ( On The splitty side ) O.K. That is 2 comments. :-)

Thank You! ( There is no need to post this one since it has a Negative remark on Caron. ) It's just too tiny for my fingers. :-)