Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Interdependence Tree Project: Completed

At the HHCC's March 2009 monthly meeting, members & visitors were encouraged to crochet leaves for the Interdependence Tree Project. At that meeting, a total of 50 leaves, created by: Hinda Alder, Celeste Caprio, Karen Harney, Rosalie Hollingsworth, Grace Gardiner, Diane Gilbert, Margaret Hubert, Irene Iannelli, Chava Karlovich, Nicole Lewis, Anna Margan, Kathy Philips, Dee Stanziano, and Sheila Sweet were crocheted and then mailed in to the International Fiber Collaborative. The HHCC leaves are acknowledged on the Gallery of Leaves here.

The International Fiber Collaborative then created and assembled the tree, which was then showcased at the Big Springs Park. The project is reported to have people participating from 23 countries, and 39 states from the U.S. The tree, measuring approximately 28 feet tall & 25 feet wide, with over 7000 leaves, will be taken down and installed at the Earlyworks Childrens Museum in Huntsville, AL, for display in August.

To see the tree in all its glory, click here. It was an honor for the HHCC to contribute to this Interdependence Tree Project.

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