Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HHCC Charity Drives

Members of the HHCC are encouraged to participate in the three main charity drives for the year:

Hats from the Heart Campaign: From January to April members are encouraged to crochet adult sized chemo caps for donation to the Danbury Hospital. The hats are needed for all seasons, and need to be made of the softest of fibers. This campaign is called Hats from the Heart as the first group donation is made around Valentine's Day.

Baby Preemie Sets: From May to August members are encouraged to crochet preemie baby sets that include a little cap and afghan. Afghans should measure 18" to 24" square and be made of acrylic. (Nylon will melt when the items are sterilized.) The caps should range in size from fitting an average orange to an average grapefruit. Donations are made to the Danbury Hospital in the early fall.

Salvation Army: From September to the last week of November, members are encouraged to crochet (or knit) hats, mittens and scarves in a variety of sizes and colors. The items are gathered at the meetings and then sorted/labeled one evening at the Borders bookstore (date to be announced) to make it easier for the volunteers of the Salvation Army. Sizes up to teen/adult for both male and females are needed. Donations of new, unused, unwrapped toys is also encouraged. At a determined date, members wanting to participate in the drop~off at Foster Street in Danbury are asked to wear a Santa Hat.

If you are not a member of the HHCC but would like to participate in any of the charity drives, please do! For more information, please contact us.

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